The Best Sugar Cookies Recipe EVER

The Best Sugar Cookie Recipe EVER!

Well now, that is quite a loaded statement. 
I mean saying a recipe is the best ever takes guts. What if they are NOT the best sugar cookies? Taste, after all, is subjective.

With that being said, if you prefer a tender, light, not too sweet, and delicious drop sugar cookie, then I believe you will say that "Yes, this really IS the best sugar cookie recipe... EVER! 

This recipe is from The Best of Buffy's Bakery-Treats from the Heart by Buffy Katz. 
Try as I might, I cannot find Buffy (or Elizabeth as we knew her) and the only copy I can find is over $60 on Amazon for!

If anyone out there knows how to reach her, please send her my way. She was a tutor for my kids way back when we were homeschooling and is such a nice person.
Cookie baking is really my daughters' "thing". I chop, mix, season, saute', and marinate! When she moved out I told the family she took all the baking with her.
But these cookies are so easy and I have never had a bad batch. 

The secret with these and most cookie recipes is to be sure to chill the dough at least a half an hour before baking.
Softened butter works like a mini fryer and you'll have a cookie with a burned bottom and a raw center!

Best Sugar Cookie Recipe Ever!

Do you have a FAV cookie recipe? I'd love to share it here so send me a copy and I'll be sure to give you creds! 

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  1. I love this recipe! I was looking for a good sugar cookie recipe so I could make cookies for my daughter’s class tomorrow for her birthday. I found this one and we make it tonight. This recipe is definitely a keeper.

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