5 (plus a bonus!) Vintage-Retro Crafts Making a Comeback

Vintage-Retro is "all the rage" these days, and not just in the fashion world. 
Crafts from the past are also making a comeback and just like in fashion,
you may feel some are
YAYS and some are NAYS.
Here are 5 (plus a bonus) vintage/retro crafts making a comeback.
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 What's the very first craft project you ever made?
Mine is a crayon drawing I made in kindergarten
(I shared about that wonderful memory here).
Maybe for you, it was making a long chain crocheted with just your finger or a paint by number set
with the tiny pots of oil paint. I can still smell those little paints!
Or maybe you were taught to crochet 
by a grandparent or Aunt? 
I would love to hear your memory🤗.

If you've looked around Pinterest recently (sometimes I feel like I am ON it more than off) you may have noticed some familiar crafts from the past popping up.

Now, technically, to be considered "vintage", an item must be between 20 and 50 years old. 
Retro is something that is made in a style or trend from the past. 
"...perhaps the best way to think about the difference between retro and vintage is that vintage refers to the acutal construction, whilst retro refers to the appearance.  Someone once told me that you can describe a vintage item as retro but never a retro item as vintage!"  ~Retro Kids
I guess I'm vintage!
With that in mind, where do these crafts fit in? 
Technically, they're not "vintage" because they're newly made; they're not actually "retro" because they don't always resemble the original trendy look. I'll leave that up to you to decide. 

As you peruse the crafts, consider picking one up and bring a little nostalgia to your day.

Would you like to see tutorials on some of these crafts? Let me know and I'll be glad to jump in and give them a try...or a re-try!

Like what you see? Feel free to share away!
5 Vintage-Retro Crafts Making a Comeback
Be sure to visit the Websites and Etsy Shops of these fine artists!

1. String-Art
Maybe a year or so ago, I started seeing string art on some of my fav craft sites. What a throwback! But these string art projects were quite exquisite and more unique than the black velvet canvas and white string than I remember.  These are some beautiful examples. Except maybe the "Pink Poo!
                            Elephants and Balloons                          Love and Faces
                            Musical Notes                                         Snowflakes
Hmmm....I'm not sure if this one is awful or adorable!
Does anyone out there know the creator of this? Please let me know!
2. Latch Hook Rugs
OH my gosh, when I saw these were coming back I was taken back to one of my younger birthdays. I remember getting a hook rug kit and I was so fascinated with the yarn, I pulled on the little packets apart only to realize afterward I mixed up all the colors! YIKES! I wish I could say I sorted the yarn and completed my attempt. Sadly, I don't think I did!

You can find many craft sites sell a variety of them.
                           Circle of Rainbows                                           Flip Flops
                             Coffee!                                                            Hocus Pocus
3. Press Flowers-Oshibana
Have you ever thumbed through an old book and found a pressed flower? People have been pressing flora for centuries.
"As early as the 16th century, Samurai warriors in Japan were said to have created Oshibana as one of their disciplines to promote patience, harmony with nature and powers of concentration" ~Wiki
Finding hidden flowers among the pages of old books is such a treat. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I always suppose it was placed there in remembrance of a long lost love.
From framing to jewelry, there are so many ways to use pressed flowers.
                               Floral Hoops                                            Wooden Coasters
                            Within Glass in a Stand                          Lots of Jewelry
4. Macrame
Now if macrame doesn't conjure up the spirits of crafters past, I don't know what does! Macrame was THE craft of the '70s, although the craft has been around for centuries. 
Macramé was most popular in the Victorian era. It adorned most homes in items such as tablecloths, bedspreads and curtains...Sailors made macramé objects while not busy at sea, and sold or bartered them when they landed, thus spreading the art to places like China and the New World. ~Wiki
This craft is so diverse. I am seeing lots of beautiful creations on Etsy.  Macrame is not just for plant hangars anymore. Check out these Etsy shops...from rainbows to wedding canopies and WOW! beaded macrame earings!
I'm not sure if I am a YAY or NAY on this craft? What do you think??
                           NISImacrame                                     DancingGlassBeadwork
                         World Online Mart                            KnitushkiStore

5. Needle Felting
Now of all these old/new crafts, I like this one the most. I would simply LOVE to have the time to learn this. I cannot crochet or knit for my life, but I think I could handle this. SO many possibilities.
These Etsy crafters just blow my mind!
                            Hobby Craft (sells kits)                          Olga Chekmeneva

                            Liongate                                                 Filzart Shop

And here's the bonus craft! 
Look at the variety of crafts made with vintage jewelry. I've seen vintage and antique framed jewelry made into the shape of a Christmas tree, but these are so unique I HAD to share them with you. 
Again...do you put this into the YAY or NAY category?

          Indulgy Blog                            Flourish Designs                                  Audrey Mivey

So, whad'ya think?
Do you have memories of any of these throwbacks?
Have you seen these crafts showing up?
Do you think you'll try any of them?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

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