3 Crafting Styles: What's Your Craft I.D.?

What type of crafter are you?
I admit it: I'm a craft addict. 

collection of craft supplies  

For as long as I can remember, I've crafted.
One of my earliest memories is creating a family portrait in kindergarten. It consisted of stick figures with hair that appeared to be on fire.
I often wondered about that since there's not one red-head among the lot of us.

I was given a yellowish slice of manilla paper; the kind that's popular among kindergarten crowd. I loved the way it felt, slightly rough, and sounded, swoosh, as I pulled a slice from closer to the bottom of the stack as I believed that's where the BEST slice was.
I'm curious...do you call a piece of paper a "slice"?
I've used that all my life but some people look at me like I have 2 heads when I say it 😏.
The oversized crayons left behind a splotchy line that made it difficult to draw a face with much definition.
That drawing hung with faded scotch tape on my grandmothers' wall for nearly 10 years.
When she moved, the paper literally crumbled as it was taken down. 

Seeing my artwork on display meant so much to me. Funny how little things like can stick with you over the years.

Over time, I continued to create and hone some skills. I love all crafts, but my faves are DIY and upcycling. When I can combine the two, I am SO in my happy place. 

What kind of crafter are you?

The Bedazzler:
The bedazzler has sparkle on the brain! There is never too much bling and you love the bright, the quirky, the over-the-top funky. In your craft room, old, new, and everything in between is not safe from glitter!
The Budgeteer:
For the budgeteer, the bottom-line is front and center. Yard sales, thrift stores and Dollar Tree are your go-to resource center.
That doesn't mean "cheap" looking! It just means you'll use any recovered, dusty, vintage, or bargain supplies you can find to create something with a lovely high-end look without breaking the bank.
The Queen Bee:
Budget? WHAT's a budget?? The Queen Bee believes money is no object when it comes to craft materials and supplies. The craft room is fully stocked with luxury papers, paints, yarns, and the latest gadgets.
Most of us will lean towards one but will overlap at times.
I LOVE a good bargain but occasionally buy a high-quality item for a specific project.
And glitter??

Well, this 80s girl does love her glitter!

Do you see your craft I.D. here?
Did I miss any craft styles?
Please share and see what
craft I.D. your friends
might fall into!

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.
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