3 Free Faith-Based Apps for Women

bible study apps

Here are 3 FREE, encouraging faith-based apps to get your day started off with positivity and focus. Or end your day with peace and comfort...your choice!

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bible study apps

I don't know about you, but I need all the help I can get to start my day off right. I mean besides a huge cuppa cawfee!
morning coffee

While I wish I had an hour in my day to sit and read THE Good Book each morning, it doesn't always happen.

I was on the search for a bible study app that was not only chock full of inspiration, encouragement, and direction but could also be accomplished in less than 30 minutes.
I found 3 of these a while ago, ALL are worth downloading and pack an awful lot for a quick morning routine to dig deep into the Word of God.
own your morning
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5 FREE Faith App Reviews

1. YouVersion Bible This is probably the most "go-to" bible app out there. 
Not only does it give dozens of version options-ESV is my personal fav though The Message is a nice conversational style--it also offers numerous topical study guides, bookmark/highlight options, and this cool "verse on image" option that makes sharing inspirational verses to social media as easy as 3 clicks.

youversion bible appA recent update now shows a daily "story" that resembles Facebook/Instagram stories.
Here is an example.
Open the app, tap-see the days focus, tap-see verse of the day, tap-hear/see a 2 min or so encouraging video from popular Christian teachers...you see how it works!

Takes about 10 minutes, but chock full of encouragement for the day.

There are commentaries and links to further in-depth word and verse studies as well.
One feature I really like is the reminder alarm. I need as many reminders prompts as I can get in my day🤣. So a buzz around 8 AM is perfect!

Nearly all options are free, though some study guides charge a small fee.

2. She Reads Truth If you have about 30 minutes in your morning, the She reads Truth (and it's counterpart He Reads Truth) provides a variety of 
relevant topics such as advent, lent, forgiveness, parenting, retirement, plus studies of books of the bible as well.
        she reads truth bible app
SRT-as it is often abbreviated- offers studies on the books of the bible, the Christian calendar such as Lent, Advent, etc. as well as contemporary struggles and joys for contemporary women.
The assigned scripture is right in the app for convenience.

It's a pretty app with a light, airy feel with gorgeous images and each lesson provides an image that can be shared to social media. 
When you share, be sure to tag SRT!
Once you've completed the days' study, you swipe to the left and there is a lovely community where women can share and discuss what they have learned, prayer requests, etc.
There are lovey study guides you can buy from the website, but to me, they are a bit pricey at $20+.
All the studies are accessible for free online and many are free in the app. 
There are some that cost 1.99-2.99, but they have a great subscription option where you get access to all studies for $1.99/mo. After about 3 years, I opted for the subscription since I spent most of my online time on my phone. It's set to just go on my cell-phone bill-easy peasy!

3.First 5-Proverbs 31 Ministries Proverbs 31 Ministries has been around for quite a while and their app has been updated with beautiful imagery and in-depth studies.                               proverbs 31 bible app
Another app that is simply chock full of gorgeous images and in-depth studies. All studies are free and include access to interact with other women either in a thread for the study or in groups! If you can't find a group, you can also start one!
The images are created with the ease of sharing to social media in mind. There are study guides you can purchase as well as many other Christian based resources. 

3. Joyce Myer Ministries Each day, Joyce presents a thought-provoking question for you to consider. For example: What is your thoughts on prayer? How can you build a positive mindset? What are your thoughts on forgiveness? 
joyce myer ministries app
Now, I'll be honest here-as much as I appreciate Joyce's teachings on many topics especially on creating a positive mindset, sometimes her voice gets to me. I know-pretty shallow, but it's honest.
This app allows me to read a variety of studies and topics all from Joyce. If I want to view short videos, they are just a click away. Most studies offer a beautiful prayer at the end as well. 

So, there you have it! 3 FREE, easy to use bible study apps. Have you used any of these apps?
If so, which is your fav?
Find something new--Which one will you try?

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

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