15 Must Have Craft Supplies: Get Ready Fall Craft Season 2020

15 Must Have Craft Supplies: 

Get Ready Fall Craft Season 2020

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Can you believe it's time to start planning for FALL!? 
2020 has been the CRAZIEST year since 2001 and I for one, am so looking forward to making things pretty, warm, and welcoming for the BEST season of all. 

Tell me I'm not alone?? Where are my fall lovers? Leave me a comment and rate your love of fall using  the1-10 scale...10 being the BEST season of all.

Creating things for fall just makes me so happy. My goal this year is to go ALL out! 
Inside, outside, and everywhere in between. So my supplies need to be bought NOW!
A more detailed list is given below, but feel free to click below for a FREE printable with a little check-off list you can keep handy.

free printable fall supply list

Few things are more frustrating for crafters than to get down to some serious creating only to find you're missing a pivotal supply! 

Seriously, as if we need ANOTHER supply trip to Dollar Tree or Walmart...because we inevitably spend WAY
more than we 
dollar tree meme

So let's get prepared for a most AMAZING fall craftiest!!!

In no particular order, here's my "get started" supply list. Most of these, including several name brand products, can be found at most Dollar Tree stores!
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donna gets crafty 15 things new crafters need


  1. Hot Glue Gun and Sticks 
  2. Glue-Elmer's, Gorilla, Wood, E-6000 {a smelly glue, but holds things in place permanently.
  3. Modpodge-accept no substitute! Works great to secure paper to objects, great topcoat for just about every project.
    Small bottles are at most Dollar Tree stores now and nothing works as well! Don't forget to check the finish: Matte-is flat with no sheen; Shiny/Gloss-shiny finish; Waterproof-gives a waterproof cover to things like mugs, outside decor, etc.  
  4. Tape-regular, masking
  5. Basic sewing needles-large and small, thread in black and white.
  6. 2-3 Scissors
  7. Exacto type blade
  8. Paint- 
    1. Chalk paint works GREAT and Walmart carries small bottles of Waverly brand for less than $2 at Walmart.
      Dollar Tree sells regular paint, but the quality is poor and you end up needing 2-4 coats to 1 of Waverly.
      Start with: white, black, gray, and brown and any accent colors that complement your home. 
    2. Acrylic paints in a few colors that accent your home. Don't forget to check the finish! Standard-a midrange finish; Matte-looks like chalk; Satin-slight sheen; Gloss/High Gloss-shiny
    3. Spray paint-optional but super convenient for larger items.
  9. Paint Brushes
    1. Variety pack from any craft store, Dollar Tree, or Walmart
    2. Sponge applicators-great for Modpodge, paint, glue
  10. Sharpie marker in black, standard pencils
  11. Jute rope or cord-Dollar Tree has several options
  12. Ribbon- 2 wide {2 inches}suggested Buffalo Plaid and Burlap, 2 thin {1/5 to 1 inch} complimentary color to your home decor
  13. Paper/Cardstock-variety packs are great!
  14. Wipes-in this COVID-19 world, I know Lysol and baby wipes are hard to find and saved for cleaning, but when they're available again-GRAB some up for cleaning. Paper towels also work!
  15. Wooden sticks like popsicle, medium-sized, large paint can stirrers-these are an invaluable resource for ALL kinds of reasons...you can create something awesome from scratch, but also for stabilizers, reinforcement, as scrapers, etc. Dollar Tree and Walmart both carry a variety.
Well, there you have it! This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are the necessities that will get you started off right!

Do you think I've missed anything?
Are you going to be jumping into
DIY home decor any time soon?

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